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it was a hot day in seoul exo's member are practicing hard for their soon comeback after a one year and a half now they are knows all around the world they have alot of fans that support them and who are waiting for their comeback .

   in a room in sm building where exo practice we can hear that they are already done because of the handsome and the always caring leader kris voice who is talking to his bandmate .

"so good work guys you did well well it's been a 1year and a half for our debut fans are exepting something good so we don't have to desapoint them then have a rest for today"says kris and he goes to his baby luhan to give him a kiss on the lips and ask hime to go change so thay can go on a date (kris and luhan are couple and the member don't mind it because their's also other couples) .

" how about we all go to the restaurant that we've always goes to when we were trainers it's been so long and also we can have fun"kai says wil smyling."ah it's a good idea but me and luhan are having a date go and enjoy yourself"says kris will blushing

all the member smiles to this cute couple they know that their love is strong so they wich for them all the happiness."hey tao do you want to come along"asked chen and having all the member attention for mentioning tao's name .

well tao did change he isn't the maknae that everyone knows from their debut. now he is always daydreaming and he doesn't eat well anymore and all the day you see him dancing or practicing wushu even he doesn't care about shoping acting cute or cucci anymore . everyone is worreid about him all the sm family even the ceo who everyone know he has a cold heart is always talking to him getting him to go out have fun he even go out with him soemtimes but still the same thing.

tao who did know they are staring at him just answerd with a fake smile even if he know they can see it's fake well he doesn't care anymore "ah guys just go and have fun i still have something to do" and then he leaves.kris who did see all of this can't stand it it anymore and then he goes after tao.all the meber sees this but they don't dare to say anything it's up to kris for now well they did get used to the cold hearted tao so it's like a routine for them ."so the last one to take a shower and get ready will have to pay for the luch"says suho will running from the room.

in tao's room :

" what is all of this about ,i can't get you anymore tao where is tao that everyont knows the always smiling good hearted one " says kris will screaming ."well this is the real me i don't see any change "answing tao ,"are kiding me the real you for god sake i was the first to know you so you can't lie to me i'm having enough of this "says kris will punishing tao on the face he doesn't care anymore all he want is the old tao to get back.tao who did get a shoke from the leader and also his first love (yes tao has always been in love with kris since the first time they did meet but now kris has luhan and he hate himself for wanting always to take kris from luhan that what did change him and also their something else but no one knows about it exept for his parent and lee sooman) "you will never anderstand never so just go back to luhan maby he is getting worreid"says tao will cleaning his mouth from blood ."no i want leave till i know why are behaving like this ".

"leave let me cry alone i don't want you to see me pathetic and then you will want to know why please leave"thinking tao will knowing he will cry anytime soon then he Gathered his strength and says"well you want to know what is the matter ....i love you


how could i live with out you

i did already write this in asianfanfic as amel27 so i hope you will like it
    Tao is a member of the new kpop boy band exo-m he and his fellow member and also with the member of exo-k are together to give the world the best music but he has a secret that no one exept for his parents and the ceo of sm town knows
    Kris one of exo-m member and the one who did help tao the first time he did come to korea. he is in a relation chip with his band mate luhan but when he did see tao Begin  to be always tired and doesn’t eat well as the old days he begin to worrie so what will happen ?
 And what is the matter with tao ? what doe luhan think about how kris always support tao ??




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